Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera plant is a blessing of nature; plant has been used since decades for treatment of various diseases. In today’s scientific era where every medicine and herb is tested across the result it claims to provide. Scientific knowledge and research on “Aloe Vera plant” have proved it be an effective cure against many diseases.

Aloe is member of lily family, other members of lily family are onion garlic and many others, but aloe because of miraculous curing capabilities is labeled as “Super Natural Product of Nature”. Aloe vera is being planted, across the world the ability of Aloe Vera plant to survive in harsh and humid climate makes it a global plant.

Ancient literature refers aloe to be “Plant of immortality” due to strength of leaves. It has been labeled as “Plant of Good Hope” in many ancient books. This shows use of aloe is not restricted to present or near past but to times traced to decades. Aloe is an Arabic word pronounced and written as “alloeh” which means bitter.

Aloe is a cure to many diseases, according to researchers aloe can be used as a cure for many skin diseases, along with for many internal diseases. Aloe Vera plant has miraculous property hidden in its leaves, Aloe leaves can store extra water this property makes aloe to be recognized globally, and be a cure for various diseases. For cosmetic and medicinal uses aloe is suggested by everyone.

Aloe Vera plant can improve human digestive system functioning, aloe removes toxin material and colon from digestive system tract, aloe improves food digestion thus providing efficient energy keeping you active throughout the day.

Aloe Vera plant leaves can be used for skin disorder treatment. People use thick sap from aloe leaves to mitigate skin disorders. Scientifically eczemas a skin disorder is believed to be treated with Aloe Vera plant.

Aloe gel contains glycoprotein which has inflammatory qualities, so aloe is recommended for itching of burns for skin soothing. “Surgeon Today” in a study compared aloe’s effect to commercial hydrocortisone cream and concluded that aloe cured 15 percent quicker than with commercial medication.

Aloe Vera plant is used to make aloe juice that improves heart functioning, according to a study in Britain aloe was proved to improve oxygen transportation thus it lowers the risk of heart attack.

Aloe remained not only a scenic or beautifying garden plant, but much more than that, a cure, homemade remedy, your first aid medicine. As scientific research on aloe is increasing it is proving itself a super product.

International Aloe Science Council has proven the fact that taking aloe juice with vitamins instead of water produced very positive result, the absorption of supplements was improved with aloe juice than that of water. Scientist in a study proved 204%, absorption of vitamin E with aloe. Various other statistics proved aloe to be a “must” solvent with vitamins.

Aloe brightens skin, keeping it fresh, it damages skin repair, and all these fruits of aloe make it an excellent product for dermatologist to suggest everyone around.

Aloe Vera plant boost immune system, it combats any bacterial growth thus preventing you from many diseases.

Aloe vera plant can be easily planted; it does not require any complex or chemical methodologies, or reactions to use, if are lucky to find aloe plant around you, just simply cut aloe leaf from lower section of plant. Next make a horizontal cut in middle and squeeze gel out. Your solution is ready. Apply gel on burns or for any other cure.

Aloe vera plant is a blessing of nature but should be used with care and precautions, using aloe gel on burns that are severe or moderate in nature is not recommended by dermatologist.

It is not recommended to use aloe during pregnancy. People who are allergic to onion or to plant species of lily family are not recommended to take aloe.

Aloe vera plant can be used to make different products like aloe juice, aloe gel, aloe latex, each of which has its own healing behavior so using proper aloe extract is necessary.

Aloe vera plant if used with care and precautions like other herbal plants or medicine would produce positive and efficient medical cure. We must be thankful to nature for such a blessing.